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April 2017 Asian forestry investment fund acquires Laos hardwood plantation

January 2017 Alaska Natives to protect land for California carbon program

October 2016 TNC CARBON CACHE – California’s carbon market helps Yurok Tribe protect its forests

March 2016 ASIA ASSET MANAGEMENT – New Forests sets its sight on the Asian responsible investment market

December 2015 Top1000Funds – Timber and the Bioeconomy Century

November 2015 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – Parlez-vous Californien? Lessons from California’s Forest Carbon Programme

November 2015 THE ADVERTISER – New Forests rebuilding forestry sector and timber regions

October 2015 THE AUSTRALIAN – New Forests banks on forestry’s revival

June 2015 WAIKATO TIMES – Historical day for Tuwharetoa iwi

May 2015 VIDEO – Forest Offset Projects Benefit Tribes and State

April 2015 THE SUSTAINABILITY REPORT – New Forests launches responsible investment policy

January 2015 ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Forest Carbon Partners tops environmental news stories of 2014

November 2014 EDF Blog – Spotlight on the FCP Yurok Tribe Forest Carbon Project

September 2014 ABC – New Forests has completed its acquisition of Gunns’ Tasmanian freehold forestry estate

August 2014 THE AGE – Forestry industry out on a limb

April 2014 THE SUSTAINABILITY REPORT – New Forests releases 2013 sustainability report

April 2014 VIDEO – Verification and California’s Forest Offset Protocol

March 2014 RESPONSIBLE INVESTOR – Institutional investors back Australia, New Zealand timber fund with €460m

February 2014 DEL NORTE TRIPLICATE – Getting paid to not cut timber

February 2014 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – California’s first forest carbon offset project registered

January 2014 AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW – Brand builds from the forestry scheme fires

November 2013 LANDLINE – High Tech Timber

August 2013 THE BORDER WATCH – Timber outlook brightens

August 2013 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – Australia’s clean energy fund links with forestry investor

May 2013 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – New markets tempt investors into timber

March 2012 THE ADELAIDE ADVERTISER – Investor takes big stake in Green Triangle

February 2012 MONGABAY – California cap-and-trade law spurs U.S. forest carbon projects

January 2012 WSJ DEAL JOURNAL – Tasmanian Timber Snapped up by Aussie Fund

June 2011 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – Finding a path to REDD investment

May 2011 TOP 1000 FUNDS – Investors see the forest for the trees

May 2011 ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – “Taking root” – Profile on David Brand

May 2010 YALE INSIGHTS – Where’s the profit in nature?

March 2010 ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Oregon Company Taps California Protocol to Earn More by Logging Less

December 2009 MOTHER JONES – Earth in the Balance Sheet

December 2009 – REDD: More than a Developing Country Issue

July 2009 NEW SCIENTIST – Controversial palm-oil plan may save the orang-utan

April 2009 ENVIRONMENTAL FINANCE – Investors eye forestry, water opportunities in tough markets

March 2009 ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Want the Money? Learn the Language!

January 2009 FAST COMPANY – Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade

November 2008 ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – David Brand: Harnessing Markets to Save Forests, Old and New

November 2008 REUTERS – Putting a Price on Nature Can Save Forests, Rivers

May 2008 MONGABAY – Al Gore’s investment firm bets that rainforest conservation will be profitable

May 2008 MONGABAY – Papua signs carbon project agreement to generate income from rainforest conservation

May 2008 INT’L FOREST INDUSTRIES – Generation Investment Management takes equity stake in New Forests Pty

April 2008 AUDUBON MAGAZINE – Plugging a Leak

March 2008 WBCSD – Advocates try making ‘business case for biodiversity’

August 2007 WIRED – Eco-capitalists profit by saving Mother Nature